Guided Meditation


Guided Meditation session offers you a powerful and carefully crafted weekly training that draws on the best of my many years of practise and teaching.
After working with clients and students, I have seen the transformational power of having a well-established meditation practice—how it brings clarity and openheartedness into all our relationships and activities.
My purpose of offering these sessions, is to provide you with the most essential elements you need for developing a strong, nourishing, and enjoyable meditation practice.
During the practise we will reflect on Meditation related teachings and practices of mindfulness and compassion. My aim through these weekly sessions is to give you the key elements you need for a meditation practice that will carry you through all facets of your life. You’ll have a way of engaging wisely with any difficulties that you encounter, an enhanced capacity to serve others, and the ability to relax and savour the goodness of life.
Please consider these sessions as a gift to your own heart and spirit—as a way of bringing your creativity, intelligence, and love more fully into the world. I look forward to having you with us!

Please call/message Aparna on 98304772 if you need more information.

Aparna, is a Holistic Wellness therapist & teacher. She is certified trainer in various healing modalities. You can read more about her here : About Aparna

Aparna's meditation practice & teaching is inspired and influenced by Adya Shanti, Jack Kornfield & Tara Brach.

Wed Apr 25, 2018
7:00 PM - 8:15 PM SGT
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Bayshore Road, Costa Del Sol, Singapore
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Singapore 469990 Singapore
Guided Meditation
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